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Aug 20, 2006 whoo hoo!
Aug 20, 2006 im an old single mutt

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im an old single mutt

Sunday Aug 20, 2006 02:32:00 AM

looking for love...

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Posted By: ☺•Jake•☻ 2006/08/25 08:23:28 PM
his name was hamtaro!!! BOL!

Posted By: Baby 2006/08/25 08:23:15 PM
bol its okay! mommy had a hamster! well jakes! hehehe! but it annoyed us at night with that evil wheel! bol

Posted By: 2006/08/23 11:04:06 PM
OMD! Mom might get her own hamster, yipeee! BOL...ok she MIGHT. So I'm not sure...if she can't get one she'll keep trying to get pics of her cousin's

Posted By: Baby 2006/08/23 04:46:25 PM

Posted By: 2006/08/23 05:20:19 AM
He's not on just yet! He is actually my cousin's hamster! (moms cousin has been begging her to put him on petster) As soon as I get the pics I'll put him up!

Posted By: Baby 2006/08/22 12:31:09 AM
bol im no good with math..

Posted By: Baby 2006/08/22 12:25:48 AM
ohh! I see..

Posted By: Boomer 2006/08/21 11:24:00 PM
Well see it's the math, 94 to 06 is 12. 94 to 07 is 13 see?

Posted By: Baby 2006/08/21 10:13:49 PM he on?? hehe

Posted By: Baby 2006/08/20 09:47:19 PM
bol! ok! :-D

Posted By: 2006/08/20 09:20:45 PM
Okay, we can't find Jake's pics. But how do feel about dating a very handsome hamster? BOL! (I'm putting him up soon)

Posted By: Baby 2006/08/20 06:18:24 PM
abby,I cant they blocked my ip adress! boomer,well I have to ask my friend again.

Posted By: Boomer 2006/08/20 06:05:52 PM
On your birthday this year you'll be 12!

Posted By: Abby 2006/08/20 05:59:44 PM
Hi can YOU gon on Dogster?

Posted By: Baby 2006/08/20 05:05:38 PM
cuzz usually dogs live up to to 13 years or sometimes 16 or 17..

Posted By: Baby 2006/08/20 05:05:04 PM
maybe 60? 70? somewere around that...

Posted By: Baby 2006/08/20 05:04:11 PM
really? 1994 is 12 years dog years im....

Posted By: Boomer 2006/08/20 04:24:16 PM
Actually I did the math and you're 11! Not that old:>

Posted By: Baby 2006/08/20 05:32:58 AM
thanks digger!

Posted By: Digger 2006/08/20 05:26:22 AM
GL (Good luck)

Posted By: Baby 2006/08/20 05:26:18 AM
bol! good luck ;-)

Posted By: 2006/08/20 05:04:29 AM
So far mom isnt having luck finding his pics. BUT SHE WILL NOT GIVE UP! bol

Posted By: Baby 2006/08/20 04:27:01 AM
im fine with it! as long as you are to ;-)

Posted By: Baby 2006/08/20 04:21:47 AM
ok sure! thanks!

Posted By: 2006/08/20 04:20:19 AM
My mom is going to add my brother Jake to petster soon if she finds his pics. But he is at the bridge now, do you mind? (not sure if we'll have him up though we gotta find at least one of his pics first)

Posted By: Baby 2006/08/20 03:49:49 AM
ok sent me the page! but i already have a crush..

Posted By: 2006/08/20 03:48:30 AM
Im bein given a terrier mix and hes perfecto for u!!!!!!!!

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